ABOUT ROYAL LIMOExclusive Ride Solutions

Understanding Exclusive Ride Services

Exclusive Ride Services mean you have the whole vehicle to yourself or your private group. This could be because of the service’s rules or because you don’t want to share your ride.1 In Shared Ride Services, more than one person, who aren’t together, can use the same vehicle. This choice is usually decided by local laws or the company’s rules, where drivers might pick up other passengers if it’s allowed or if the first passenger agrees.

Defining Exclusive Rides

Exclusive ride services offer a private experience. They make sure your needs or your group’s needs are met. These rides are available anytime you need them and keep the vehicle just for you throughout the trip.1

Differentiating from Shared Rides

On the other hand, shared ride services let more people use the same vehicle. They don’t have to know each other. This could be a cheaper option, but you might need to adjust your schedule and share space. Whether you get an exclusive or shared ride depends on rules or the company’s decisions.1

Benefits of Exclusive Ride Solutions

Exclusive Ride Solutions are great for travelers who value privacy. You get a private car all to yourself, which means more conveniencecomfort, and personalized service during your trip.2 You don’t have to worry about matching schedules or sharing your ride with strangers.

This way, you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.2 Our service ensures you enjoy your travel, without the usual stress of shared transportation options.

2 We offer safe and affordable cars for rent, or for traveling to and from the Bucharest airport. This means you’re covered even if your flight is delayed.2 You can also book chauffeur services for trips inside Bucharest or across Romania, for both solo and group travelers, with various car sizes.

2 Business travelers in Bucharest gain many benefits from our airport taxi services. This includes being on time, feeling safe, easy booking, professionalism, and service quality.3 Our clients rate our service very highly, showing we are dependable and their satisfaction. Plus, we promise high-quality airport transfers in Bucharest.

3 Booking a ride to or from Bucharest Airport is simple and quick. This service is very easy for passengers.3 If you’re a frequent user, our loyalty rewards and special deals via our referral program add to both your convenience and the value you get.